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November 3, 2016

The vampires of Human Resources

There are many novels featuring some form of vampire, but not all vampires are equal. In some worlds hideous monster lurk, camouflaged under a human veneer. In other worlds, vampires are barely recognisable as human. Some tales will tell you the creatures are undead, whereas others will insist they live, but are... different. There are even stories in which vampires sparkle in the sunlight.
So, I sense you ask. What about the vampires in Human Resources? Where do they sit on the spectrum?
I'm glad you asked. However, as Human Resources is a sci-fi, I thought it would be better to present you with the research, and let you make up your own minds.
Note: I want to acknowledge Wikipedia and MediaWiki. The above has been created using their templates and styles, of which I lay no claim to the intellectual property. I claim the IP for the writing in the article, but not for any associated styling, images, logos or other media.

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  1. […] Early on, I realised I wanted the novel to stand confidently as a science-fiction, with some supernatural elements. This raises some pointed questions about who and what my vampires are, so I set out to discover exactly that. I’ve since published some of the results of that investigation here. […]


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