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November 19, 2016

Quill Target Achieved!

Today has been an another exciting one — Human Resources passed an important milestone; 250 pre-orders. This is important because it qualifies the novel for publishing under Inkshares Quill imprint. That's right, HR now has enough orders to guarantee publication!
What happens now?
The funding campaign continues, as does The Launchpad Crowdfunding Competition. The goal is still very much to win the competition. Quill publication is print-on-demand (not mass production), and misses out on a marketing budget. If HR wins the competition, it will get the full service — tailored design, more robust editing, mass production, and marketing.
The Launchpad Crowdfunding Competition ends 16 December. If HR doesn't win the competition, the campaign will continue until January.
You can pre-order your copy of Human Resources here.

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