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Robert Batten

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Author

April 9, 2018

AI Con 2018

This weekend was the Anime Island Convention in Hobart. It was my second year attending this small local con with a table to talk books and I had a blast. This year, organisers changed things up and put the fan traders on the upper level outside the halls, which meant I had an amazing view, lots of sun, and a direct line to the coffee cart!

As you might expect, I had to book my table a bit in advance. At the time, I’d been hoping to have a few more things ready for Blood Capital, but alas that didn’t work out. Instead, in addition to chatting about the book, I loaded my table with books from some of my author pals and gave away a set at the end of the weekend (info on each at the end of this post). It was great fun and exciting to see so much interest in both my book and the others. A huge congratulation to Demi who won the book pack.
All-in-all, things felt quieter than last year, but there were still lots of people to meet and some great cosplay.

Books from the giveaway

Below is a list of the books I gave away this weekend and some information on each — click on the book cover to jump to the book's webpage.

The Punch Escrow, Tal Klein.

It’s the year 2147: a time of enduring peace on Earth. The Last War ended half a century ago. We can cure most ills, the air is pure, and teleportation is how we get around. Sounds great, right? So why does everyone suddenly want to kill Joel Byram?
I wrote a recommendation for The Punch Escrow on my blog here.
The Punch Escrow is currently in development as a movie by Lionsgate.

Kill Creek, Scott Thomas.

It was supposed to be a simple publicity stunt: four famous horror authors spending the night in one of the world’s most notorious haunted houses. But their presence awakens an evil that will haunt them long after they leave…
Kill Creek was shortlisted in the Stoker Awards this year and made the Barnes and Noble list of top horror for 2017!

Sync City, Peter Ryan

Altered Carbon meets Mad Max In a post-apocalyptic future, fractured timelines are wreaking havoc on the world. Only a tough, hard-drinking enforcer named Jack Trevayne can hold things together. This is gritty, hard-boiled sci-fi with attitude. The future is complicated. Jack is not.
I wrote a recommendation for Sync City on my blog here.

Devil's Call, J. Danielle Dorn

On a dark night in the winter of 1859, three men entered the home of Dr. Matthew Callahan and shot him dead in front of his pregnant wife. Unfortunately for them, his wife, Li Lian, hails from a long line of women gifted in the dark arts--the witches of the McPherson clan.
Devil's call follows that witch's journey across America seeking revenge.

Rise, Brian Guthrie

On a world brought to the brink of destruction, life now clings to the shattered remains of the planet's crust. These fragments are the Shells: fragile wastelands of desert and rock, protected from the cold of space by a water shield. In the struggle for survival, its people have depended on ancient technology, controlled by the omnipresent Network, to sustain the entire population.
But the Network is breaking down, water is sparse, and a complete societal collapse is imminent.

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