How to win at conventions

How to win at conventions

So, you want to go to a convention. Maybe you’ve attended conventions before, but now you want to go professionally — to make contacts, sell books, or to be a celebrity. Depending on the convention you attend, a booth/table could set you back a lot of money, so how do you make sure your con is successful? My latest article is up on the Writing Bloc exploring this topic with input from several community members.

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AI Con 2018

This weekend was the Anime Island Convention in Hobart. It was my second year attending this small local con with a table to talk books and I had a blast. This year, organisers changed things up and put the fan traders on the upper level outside the halls, which meant I had an amazing view, lots of sun, and a direct line to the coffee cart!

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I’ll be at AI Con in April

Art by Kiyono France and Design by Sarah Schmidt

The Anime Island Convention (AICon) is on again in Hobart, running from 6 to 8 April at the Wrest Point Convention Centre. Last year was my first time with a table. It was just after successfully winning the Launch Pad competition and I used the weekend to chat to people about the book and learn how to do a convention.

When I booked my table for this year, I was hoping to have early copies of my book to show off, but… that’s not going to be ready. But don’t worry! I have plans!

My book won’t be out, but I have a bunch of friends published by Inkshares (my publisher) who’s books are out, so I’m running a giveaway! I’ve bought a set of Inkshares books that should appeal to my audience and I’ll be giving them away by the end of the weekend. If you’re attending, come along to my table to enter.

Speaking of my table, I have a sweet location this year — right outside the second hall. Check it out!

AICon 2018 Upstairs Map Highlight