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Pre-orders now available for Human Resources

Pre-orders are now available as part of The Launchpad Competition
My sci-fi novel Human Resources, has been selected by the industry as a finalist in a major manuscript competition — but there is a public support element to getting further.
What do I need? Pre-orders!
That’s right — you can now pre-order my sci-fi novel Human Resources. There are two ways this can lead to me being published:

  1. I attract more pre-orders than the other finalists.
  2. I attract a minimum of 250 pre-orders (regardless of how the rest of the competitors go).

Pre-orders start at just $10 (eBook). If you can afford it, I would be hugely indebted to you — by pre-ordering you may just make my dream a reality.
I have a second ask (I know, I’m greedy).
If you can afford to pre-order my book, ordering early in the campaign is more helpful than ordering later in the campaign. To win this, I’ll need to attract orders from beyond my network. That will be much easier to do if people see a bunch of orders on my project page when they look it up. Getting a stack of early orders will help me build momentum and bring this home.
Please, take the time to check out the novel page — there are excerpts you can read to see if you enjoy my writing.
And please consider putting in an order.
You can also help by spreading the word:

  • Share the novel page on facebook / twitter / etc.
  • Share the novel with friends in real life.
  • Leave a review or recommendation on the Inkshares site.

Thank you for any support you can give, even if you can’t afford to order a copy at the moment.
Robert Batten

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The Launchpad Manuscript Competition- Top 75 Announced

Back in August I submitted Human Resources to The Launchpad Manuscript Competition. Today they announced their first round of finalists – the Top 75 – and HR made the list!
I’m still processing this news. The competition is a partnership between Scott Free Productions (Ridley Scott), Energy Entertainment, and Inkshares.
There are some heavy hitters involved in this contest.
Judging to select the top 75 involved industry professionals completing two reads of the submitted manuscripts and scoring the entries. Moving forward, there will be a whittling down from the top 75, to the top 50, to the top 25, then to a final 10.
I am humbled to have HR included in this group. Even if it doesn’t make it further in the competition, I have now received validation that the novel has potential to be successful.
I don’t believe The Tracking Board (who run the competition) have released numbers, but from what I have been able to tell (submission IDs) there were thousands of entries.
I have a feeling this is where the hard work begins, but I’m eager to ride the roller-coaster! Stay tuned for more updates.
You can learn more about my sci-fi Human Resources here.

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Writing Update - Human Resources

Human Resources is intended to be the first instalment in a series. I haven’t locked in how many books there will be, but there will definitely be two novels, with possibly a third. I have an additional prequel story planned that may become a novel, but will probably be a novella.
The world of HR started with a scenario rather than a plot – al a Steven King’s classic approach. Specifically, the novel started with a ‘what if?’ that evolved into the prologue – What if the zombie apocalypse came, and the ones who saved humanity were our enemies? What if they didn’t do it for us?
Ever since I sat down to capture that one scene, I’ve been unearthing a constant stream of revelations about the world I’m writing. This week, whilst coming to better understand the motivations of a secondary character (of all things), I made a discovery that may prove to be the most astonishing one of the series. In an instant the world – and particularly it’s destiny over the course of these books – shifted on its axis. I literally bounced in my seat as my brain deciphered the implications of this revelation and the monumental decisions it will force on my characters.
These are the moments I write for.
I can’t wait to share these events with you, but to tell you more right now would involve spoilers (emphasis appropriate). For now, let me say, “whoa.”

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