human-resources-cover-3During the 21st century a new pandemic explodes out of the Siberian mountains. Unstoppable, the virus breaks every containment line, defies every treatment.

The infected do not die. They change.

Physically, the changes are subtle; fat burns away, muscle-tone develops. Others are more pronounced. Madness, violence, and an insatiable hunger overriding conscious thought.

Predicted by cliched horror movies for decades, the zombie apocalypse has arrived.

As governments collapse and humanity is submerged under a tsunami of infection, an unexpected salvation emerges — multinational corporations.

At a joint press conference, the five largest international companies announce the creation of independent city-states. Modern arks forged of steel, concrete, and technology are constructed. The dwindling remnants of the human race rush to claim a place in these sanctuaries.

Those who succeed are spared the virus, but discover a grim new reality; their capitalist benefactors are not human, their actions not altruistic.

Outside their concrete cocoon, civilisation draws its last laboured breaths. Inside, vampires craft a new society, a new economy. Humans have become a valuable commodity.

Decades after the viral outbreak, the city-states appear to be the last bastions of the old world. Humans are slaves and live as long as they are useful to their corporate masters. Vampires, unable to feed from those infected with the virus, are chained to their employers through dependency on the food supply the corporations control and ration.