A truly gripping beginning to a book who’s premise combines the monster-movie elements we all know and love with capitalism personified. Zombies and vampires and mayhem, oh my! I can’t wait to get my hands on the whole book!

Cayla Keenan

Fast-paced and engaging, I can’t wait to see how Human Resources ends! Please check it out!

Chelsea C. Moye

I love how the author places you in the characters’ shoes. This books takes off running.

Cody Pearce

Human Resources is an intriguing mash-up of dystopian setting with the post-apocalyptic madness of a zombie genocide. Add in to that a vampire oligarchy forced out of the shadows in order to defend their food source — that is, humans — from the contamination of the zombie contagion, and you have a wholly original blend…

Dan Levinston, author of the Psionic Earth series

Add this to your reading list. Instantly you are drawn into this world, fighting for your life alongside the characters. Do it, check it out now!

Emily Senft

Wow, a cool twist on an apocalyptic storyline. Vampires and the last of the human race each trying to survive!

Eric H. Heisner

Suspenseful, dark, powerful corporations enslaving the common man, and of course an apocalyptic virus. Everything I love! I’m in!!!

Ferd Crôtte

Really inventive, harrowing stuff. Great story telling — here’s rooting for this one to win!

Helena Echlin and Malena Watrous, authors of Sparked

Of course, at the end of the world corporations not only retain their power, but reign above us all and act with ulterior motives. I highly recommend Batten’s unique take on the zombie apocalypse!

Jacqui Castle

Very cool idea for a story! Very excited to see where Robert Batten takes us with this one!

Jamison Stone, Author of Rune of the Apprentice