Women hit the glass ceiling earlier than you think

A new post on LinkedIn by Rachel Schall Thomas (President at LeanIn.Org) highlights how early gender bias and discrimination can affect women in the workforce:

The article tells us women:

  • Are less likely to receive the first critical promotion to manager.
  • Are less likely to be hired into more senior positions.
  • Get less access to the people, input and opportunities that accelerate careers.
  • Are disadvantaged in many of their daily interactions.
  • Less than half as likely as men to say they see a lot of people like them in senior management.

The post is worth a read.


Groups working towards diversity in IT

Whilst researching some previous work, I ended up collating a list of various groups whose mission it is to help improve diversity in IT – in particular gender diversity. I’ve been sitting on that list for a while now,┬ábut have realised it may be a useful resource to some, so here it is.

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Practical Gender Equality Initiatives

There is (appropriately) a lot of discussion about gender equality in the global workforce: Many nations, including Australia, still have significant pay disparity between genders. Furthermore, in many industries women are still severely under-represented.

There is a lot of focus on this issue, and there are a number of organisations doing amazing work. However, when doing some recent research I felt there was an important piece of the puzzle missing from the discussion; once you have convinced an organisation of the importance of gender equality, and once they have examined themselves and decided there is inequality to address, what next?

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