About End of Transmission

End of Transmission is a hard sci-fi currently in the early research and drafting phase. I am actively working on it and will be posting updates here as I refine the science and the plot. Sign up to my newsletter to get advance announcements and sneak peaks at this and my other projects.

End of Transmission Pitch

Evolutionary terraforming is laborious, delicate work. You can’t just throw down trees on a planet and expect a forest; you must build a sustainable ecosystem. Find a planet capable of supporting life, then settle in. Give Mother Nature a nudge here, a shove there. Nurture the organisms that form, guide them; introduce the right mutations at the right time, and support them so they flourish. It can take a thousand years, but for the citizens of Gliese 450b — Croesus Colony — it’s the family business.

Life on humanity’s second youngest extra-solar colony can be isolating, so the annual data packet — delivering scientific advancements, news, and entertainment from Earth and their sister settlements — is the highlight of the year. A one-way transmission providing their only link home.

That is until the Earth falls silent. Followed by its nearest colony, then the next, and the next. With no knowledge of what approaches, the citizens of Croesus must prepare for a foe they can only imagine. Fight, hide, or flee? As divisions form, they begin to realise they must first survive themselves.