Robert Batten

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Author

“…it’s past twelve o’clock, and we’re sheep in their flock,
The shepherds, they're always watchful;
There’ll be no reaper's scythe, if we all pay the tithe,
So remember to ever be grateful…"

If you enjoy dystopian science-fiction you’re going to love this book!

I am Legend meets The Passage, with a healthy dose of Daybreakers.

The Blight changed everything, sweeping the globe, leaving humanity on the brink of extinction. The melior, with their immunity and fortified walls, stepped in to provide sanctuary. Now, the last of the human race are enslaved, but alive.

The world is stable once more, or so it seems. But one by one, ecosystems continue to fail. All hope rests on a scientific discovery in Sydney, but change won’t come without a fight.

Winner: Inkshares Publishing Prize, 2016 Launch Pad Competition.
Winner: Ridley Scott / Scott Free Guaranteed Option Prize, 2016 Launch Pad Competition.
Shortlist: Inkshares The List, 2016.

Susan Hamilton

"With no lack of twists, readers will find themselves eager to turn to the next page."

Susan Hamilton, author of Shadow King

Helena and Malena

"Really inventive, harrowing stuff."

Helena Echlin & Malena Watrous, authors of Sparked

Jeyna Grace

"I can already see this on the big screens. And I would watch it."

Jeyna Grace, author of The Battle for Oz and The Slave Prince

Peter Ryan

"Robert Batten has written a gem and one most definitely worth buying."

Peter Ryan, author of Sync City

Wesley Reid

"You absolutely need to check out this book."

Wesley Reid

Christopher Huang

"One of the most intriguing premises I've seen."

Christopher Huang, author of A Gentleman's Murder

Jacqui Castle

"I highly recommend Batten's unique take on the zombie apocalypse!"

Jacqui Castle, author of The Seclusion


Ridley Scott / Scott Free prize in the 2016 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition


Inkshare Publishing Prize in the 2016 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition


Named in the Inkshares “List” for 2016; their top manuscripts not yet published

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