Recommendation: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is the name of an urban fantasy series by Laini Taylor, as well as the title of the first book. This series hit me hard, captivating my attention from beginning to end. Indeed, it was a series that left me devasted once over, desperate for one more word.

The series opens in modern-day prague, following Karou; a young arts student with distinctive blue hair. Along with her friends, she’s a typical, irreverent, joyous woman soaking up the rich history of her city. Unfortunately, the secret she carries with her, and the past she can’t remember, will tear her world apart.

Early on this series serves us a star-crossed lovers theme, one it executes flawlessly. However, staged across multiple worlds, in the midst of an unimaginable war, don’t mistake it for derivative or confined to the romance genre. This series is easily on if the best urban fantasies I’ve read. Taylor’s universe is one I yearn to discover actually exists (although I’d likely not survive). Her characters are incredible, shining stars you will fall in love with, and her prose entrancing.

I anticipate returning to these treasured new friends repeatedly over the coming years.

You can find Daughter of Smoke and Bone on Amazon here and Book Depository here.


One thought on “Recommendation: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

  1. I listened to the whole series on audiobook. It’s pretty good – I can see why it’s popular. Things get really crazy in the third book, with Karou’s world coming to Earth. I can see why teens and early 20s would like the series, and it holds up pretty well for readers outside the target demographics.


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