Recommendation: The Life Engineered

My “what I read” posts are self-explanatory – they are short posts highlighting books I have read recently and enjoyed. I have deliberately not called these posts “reviews.” The reason is simple – I don’t enjoy writing in-depth reviews. Each of these posts will be short, calling out a book I enjoyed and want to recommend, with a brief summary of why. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Life Engineered, JF Dubeau

The Life Engineered, Book Cover
The Life Engineered is a tale of the far future – a universe in which humans have disappeared. In their stead there now exists a utopian society of capeks; sentient machines first created by the human race and left to continue on in their absence. It is a society devoid of crime, of murder. Until now.

The Life Engineered stands tall in the science-fiction genre. Imaginative, action-packed, thought-provoking. J.F. Dubeau’s world will stay with me.

Put aside the time to sit down with this treasure — you will find a remarkably well-realised universe. I was astounded by the depth of personality Dubeau imbued in his capeks and the creativeness of both their forms and interactions. The novel has a sequel on the way, and I am waiting impatiently to get my hands on it.

You can find The Life Engineered on Goodreads here and you can buy it DRM-free (and in physical form) from Inkshares here, or pick it up from Amazon here.


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