Refreshing outlook inbox on the web

UPDATE: While there still isn’t a refresh button, a commenter (Stephen) shared this tip… hitting F9 triggers the web app to refresh the email list.

I’ve found another gripe with Office365 and Microsoft’s tweaking of the UI. This time it is in Outlook on the web – they took away the refresh button!

In truth, they took it away a little while ago, but my frustration has been building to the point where I needed a post to get it off my chest.

Most online mail clients (and all desktop / mobile mail clients) have a way to “refresh” the inbox – to get the service to check for new mail and update the list of mail in the inbox. Outlook in Office365 used to have this (albeit annoyingly hidden). Not any more.

Users would usually expect an option to refresh the folder / inbox up in the folder list area, but there isn’t anything there. Right-clicking also doesn’t reveal any hidden options.

outlook folders


Previously when investigating this (before the latest change), I had discovered there was a refresh button, just not in the usual place – under the settings drop-down there was a refresh option. In a (somewhat recent) update, however, Microsoft turned this drop-down into a side-panel that slides out, and removed the refresh button.

I can only assume Microsoft belieoutlook settingsve their web client automatically refreshes content frequently enough that this button is no longer required. However, I disagree – I continually have my phone and tablet report new mail which my browser doesn’t acknowledge for some time. Admittedly, in this context “some time” isn’t any more than approx a single minute, but it is incredibly frustrating.

Microsoft – please give us a refresh button!



4 thoughts on “Refreshing outlook inbox on the web

  1. Any news on this topic?

    My employer has us using Office365 including outlook.
    Since I am using Linux desktop it is out of the question for me to use Outlook native application so I must use Outlook365 online mail client.

    The lack of refresh button is driving me nuts.


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